One of the foremost sensitive problems one will ever come upon and should keep in mind of his/her online identity, even a common layman using the pc for the first time should keep in mind of this sensitive detail every time. Sometimes when we are browsing the internet, we come upon completely different and attractive sites that provide very attractive products and only for a mere cost of one dollar or a few of bucks, that is well inside our reach to pay.


1. Watch it

The first thing that comes to our mind is why not buy this item? And as a salient product has its formality forms to be filled up, we agree to go ahead to fill those long forms. At a similar time, we are willing to give our personal  details like complete name, credit card details, our date of birth, gender etc. however what we don’t grasp is that there are hackers sitting 24×7 on the internet and searching out for the those who are giving out their personal details, simply because they’re excited to buy the products.


2. Possible Damage

In other words, you’re exposing yourself to the entire world, which may become one of your very haunting nightmare in broad daylight once you come back to understand that you and your name is getting used or enforced in a corruption case or you are a fully popper by the end of the day and this nightmare can stick with it for months if you create the slightest slip on internet.


3. Hackers are very smart

When you’re online and connect yourself to any payable link then you are connected up with the bank, or your network service provider is following your each click and keeps redirecting you to pages wherever you’ve got to stay logging in your info over and over again, on the opposite hand wherever you won’t see however a lot of advanced hackers can see your actual details scrolling down the screen.


4. Keep Security Measures

This is a very good habit to keep spyware software system, firewalls that prompt you before opening any and each website, as well as there,  are several anti-virus software that can be kept on the system that stops you from logging onto any unknown website and can keep providing you with errors once you click the go icon. Even after you are sending or receiving emails, your email downloads or uploads with no problem then its ok otherwise if you’re repeatedly being prompted because of errors within the

same, then it’s quite possible that there’s some problem being initiated somewhere down the road somebody is making an attempt to hack no matter you are doing electronically.


5. Keep Update

Always keep an anti-virus installed on your system. Just keep in mind to turn it on while running or browsing the web and keep an updated version of your antivirus or use such antivirus that keeps automatically updating on the particular dates and time you have got set. Don’t ever provide your identity online while chatting, or provide your personal details online for job functions, because the same could result terribly expensive to your personal being at the end. Use preventive measures and happy browsing folks!

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