Blogging is on the rise like never before. First, it was started in a developed nation but now it is a thing of a trend among third-world and developing nations. Bloggers from the US and Europe and Canada are well-settled with their respective niches…while new entrants from countries/regions like India and Malaysia and Southeast Asia most of the time struggle for niche, because that’s the most difficult thing to find in the blogosphere. Successful bloggers, world across, earn millions of money every month. Though it looks easy to earn money from blogging but you got to believe that it is like any other career needs serious devotion and time investment.

Well, here we are going to talk about top 5 book bloggers of India who has been influencing the online readers with their book reviews and other literature allied activities.

1. Kevein Books and Reviews:

This blog was started in 2014 by some writers who didn’t find any good book review bloggers to talk about their books. That time in India book review was not that trending because internet penetration was just happening. So they started one.  Anyway, they are totally book-review focused, and sometimes also publish author interviews. In terms of content quality, they are the best. Their reviews are long, detailed and complete. They are not in shallow reviews. Also, their Alexa ranking is too good in India – they are almost India’s Number One Book Reviewers with almost 6000 visitors coming to their blog per day. You can visit their website for more information.

2. Sarath Babu’s Lifestyle Blog:

The owner of the blog is Sarath Babu, a terrific blogger, on his blog he writes about various topics (lifestyle being the main theme) but among all, he also writes about book reviews and also sometimes conducts author interviews. His reviews are short and to the point. Visit his website to know more.

3. Lattes Lipsticks and Literature:

You will find good and short book reviews there. However, in terms of daily page views, this blog isn’t of that level. Still, you can try them.

4. Anu Reviews:

This book review blog is one of the oldest book review blogs in India with many books to their court. Quality is good, they respond well in time, no attitude and all. Well, they are a bit off-beat when it comes to Alexa ranking and daily page views.

5. Ashi Responding To Life:

This is comparatively a new blog about Indian books and author interviews. The design of the website is good and content is also of good value. However, being a new entrant it doesn’t have that many page views as it should have. Anyway, you must try this one for your book promotion.

Hope the above-mentioned blogs may help you with your book promotional activities but the thing is that they all charge some amount of fee for reviews and interviews. But that’s fair as you cannot expect people to promote you for free.

Also, note before you decide on any book reviewer, there are things that you must check about them, like the frequency of articles posting per week/month, quality of the content and Alexa rank in India.

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