Link building is one of the most important factors to rank any website higher, but it’s not that easy as it looks like. Mostly bloggers use to do too many mistakes while building links and consequently they pay for it.

So let’s see which are those mistakes that we should avoid while building links. 


Mistake 1: Buying Links 

This is one of the common mistake bloggers use to do while building links. Search engine crawlers are smarter than you think they have algorithms system that can sense if you buy links from other sources for your website.

Google also have insider system where people may report for toxic and paid links selling from PBN networks and directories, so make sure for next time don’t try to buy links from any other sources.

When Google Page Rank created tons of promotional material among the bloggers, it became a general trend to buy the links ready from external sources in return for little amounts. These spam links were one of the reasons Google killed its PageRank algorithmic rule. If you tried to avail of the advantages from the previous storm, it’s time for you to get rid of all those spam links before they’re tracked then penalised by Google. Your search engine rankings plummet when Google sense that you’re getting links from paid sources. however, there are still thousands of people who are buying links safely. If you’re still considering to buy links without getting punished by Google, here’s a better way to buy links.

If you’re still buying or selling links, there’s a high probability of Google finding you and penalising your web site from search results. so avoid it particularly when you don’t have a clue regarding buying links from authority or safe sources.


Mistake 2: Not Creating Content That’s Work Linking

This is one of the most reasons why most of the people don’t get any backlinks naturally. If you’re not writing content that’s value linking to, how are you able to expect to get higher rankings for your website in Google?

So begin putting longer and resources on making 10x content that attracts a lot of social shares, buzz and backlinks naturally from different sites.

You can use techniques like blogger outreach, skyscraper technique etc to begin generating links naturally without putting extra efforts on link building.


Mistake 3: PBN Links Are Mostly Harmful

PBN (Public blog Networks) links are mainly unhealthy and still, people are attempting to create links from such directories even in 2018.

If you’re also one of them who are creating this deadliest link building mistakes, stay back from them as soon as possible if you don’t wish to get penalized by Google algorithms.

Blog networks and PBN sites usually try to fool Google algorithms to some extent but usually end up doing a lot of dangerous to your site’s SEO. These networks comprise of unrelated categories and that I would personally suggest you get rid of these links if you’re availing them using Google’s disavow tool.

Most PBN’s that give top quality links aren’t worth your time due to few reasons: they’re costly, take an excessive amount of time and there’s also risk attached with those links so try to stay back from such links.


Mistake 4: Excessive Reciprocal Linking

Link exchange emerged together of the quickest and best strategies to generate links and improve the collaboration between the bloggers. Google recently identified this tit for tat strategy and doesn’t appreciate it anymore. There’s very little SEO value provided by this method in today’s era.

Don’t participate in excessive reciprocal linking from others. even though you’re doing it, do it only with those bloggers who have top quality and relevant blogs that are kind of like you.


Mistake 5: Building Links Exclusively For Home Page

This has been quite smart trend, particularly among the starter bloggers to create up backlinks completely for the home page. If you build up all of your links for one page only, this may look artificial to Google. this is often the reason you need to also keep in mind your different pages while doing link building. this can not only help in good linking but also assist you in getting these posts rank high within the search results.

Make a decent blend of building to internal pages except for building home pages links while you’re doing link building. That method Google provides bigger rewards in terms of boosting your internal page’s authority also by giving equal necessary to your site’s home page.


Mistake 6: Linking From Site With Thousands Of Outgoing Links

If a blogger posts a decent article, he’s guaranteed to receive appreciation for it in the comments section. but this for sure doesn’t mean that this section would be full of thousands of comments with links to their own sites.

If you encounter such a page, it’s always suggested to ignore it instead of commenting and having your comment lost within the flood.

It’s always good to comment on blogs which have some guidelines relating to the comments to be posted and provides some importance to their commenters.


Mistake 7: Sticking To One Type Of Link Building Practice

There are few major sorts of sources available with which you’ll be able to gain links mainly guest blogging and commenting. If you’re planning to get stuck to just one type of links, you’d not receive the required results within the set period of time.

You must target every link building by commenting on different blogs, guest blogging for top quality sites, social media sharing etc.


Mistake 8: Building Links Too Quickly

There’s no thumb rule in Google that how quick you need to build links but if you’re attempting to get manipulative links (which is the common case once you’re attempting to create too many links too quickly), then you’re at risk.

If you’re building thousands of links to your website on the first day itself, get ready to be penalised for the same by Google.

As most SEO specialists say, obtaining a high DA link (DA with 80+) is far higher than obtaining links from low DA sites (DA with twenty or even less). so when it comes to link building, quality plays a very important role than quantity.

Instead of aiming for twenty links from low-quality sites, try to get a pair of links from authority and relevant sites to start out obtaining a lot of benefits from search engines.

Try to build fewer but quality links on regular basis. Slow and steady always wins the race within the game of SEO


Mistake 9: Getting Links From Pages With Weak Social Shares

To determine the quality of the content posted on a website, Google algorithms today attempt to rate the overall social circle performance of that exact post. If a post gets 500 tweets, 2000 likes, 600 Pinterest shares, then it’s guaranteed to perform higher than the other competitive article with low social impact.

On the opposite hand, if you’re trying to get links from pages with 0 or terribly less social shares, they don’t add any SEO value and it will just waste of time and money.

If you’re writing guest posts to get links, try to get as too many social shares as possible as Google rewards the posts with high social performance to get extra advantages even to your own sites.


Mistake 10: Getting Site-Wide Links Or Footer Section Links

Getting links from site-wide and building footer links of different websites was used to be the main effective link building strategy a few years back. but Google started taking it seriously and if you wish to get on the safe aspect while link building, stay back from links that come back from

  • Footer

  • Sidebar

  • Site-wide links

Sometimes ago where you can boost your SEO by getting links from the sidebar, footer section etc. attempt to build links that look natural and find links from articles without manipulating Google to get faster SEO advantages.


Mistake 11: Irrelevant Link Building

If you own a site on cloud computing, building a backlink on some portal based on beauty remedies is never a good plan. Bloggers usually tend to create links on high ranking sites without considering the matching of niches.

Before you create a link, make sure that the host site has a similar kind of niche as your own site.

Some SEO specialists say that you simply can still build quality links from different niches too but you would need to be careful to write down a top quality guest post that’s relevant to your topic also, only then you’ll be able to get fruitful results otherwise it’s not a sensible link building strategy.

If you’re using guest posting for link building, ensure to focus on only those sites that are relevant to your blog topics to create links safely.


Mistake 12: Building Links From No-Index Pages Or Domains

There are so many people who build links from no-index pages or domains or websites. If an internet site or page isn’t indexed on Google and if you’re making an attempt to get links from those pages, your website can have a high probability of getting penalized due to Google search algorithms.

Whether you’re doing it knowingly or unknowingly, ensure to avoid such link building mistakes to play safe in Google search results.

Always keep a watch on your backlink profile. Use tools like SEMrush to observe your backlinks and if you discover something suspect (malicious or no-indexed web pages), get eliminate them as soon as possible.


Mistake 13: Using Optimized Anchor Text

This is another common link building mistakes most of the people make even in 2018. are you thinking that you simply can get well search rankings by getting links with keyword stuffed anchor texts among them?

If yes, you’re wrong. Google treats optimized anchor text links as a black hat SEO strategy and your website may get penalized if you’re overdoing it.

If you’re using a similar anchor text while link building on totally different blogs, you’re bound to face a penalty instead of a promotion. These links would shortly be marked as spam by the search engine. you must avoid using a similar anchor text too much and use many combinations to make it more natural to Google bots.

Stay away from anchor text links during link building. Use numerous combination of anchor texts whenever you’re to making a dofollow link.


Mistake 14: Not Taking Any Action To Remove Toxic Links

Do you know about Google’s Penguin update? If not, I’ll explain it to you in a simple way.

Penguin update was designed to boost Google’s search results by removing the online pages with toxic backlinks. toxic backlinks are usually unnatural and digressive backlinks that hurt the search engine rankings of a website.

So penguin update was introduced to basically focus on penalizing the sites with a large number of toxic links along with a bad backlink profile. so how do you remove dangerous toxic links to get higher rankings on Google?

You can use tools like SEMrush to carefully analyze your backlinks, then you’ll be able to use this detailed guide to get rid of links by using Google’s disavow tool.

The initial step to getting better search rankings is to first find out your backlink

profile get rid all the links using tools like Google’s disavow tool to be on a safer



Mistake 15: Build only Dofollow Links

One of the largest list building mistakes most of the people can create is building just one kind of backlinks i.e either dofollow links or nofollow links. Building just one kind of backlinks may be an unhealthy SEO practice and Google may begin penalising your website for such link building practice.

Yes, nofollow links don’t provide any worth to your search engine results as they don’t pass any link juice to your keywords, pages or websites but they provide your site a good boost in terms of SEO especially after you get nofollow links from various domains.

Start giving importance to building both dofollow and nofollow links. If you’re using guest posting to create dofollow links, additionally use blog comments to create nofollow links. That method you can build a combination of both dofollow and nofollow links while not getting penalized by Google.


Conclusion About Link Building Mistakes To Avoid

We all understand that there are a lot of link building techniques that one could follow to generate best quality backlinks. but we also create a few of costliest link building mistakes that may hurt our sites within the long-term.

The intention behind writing this guide is to make you aware of stay back from such dangerous link building practices to get higher rankings and search traffic to your sites.

Are you creating any of these mistakes and what are the other common link building mistakes that you just usually notice? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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