Backlinks may be simply touted as the backbone for gaining high searching result results, but it should be remembered that purchasing Backlinks is not suggested at all.

Instead, it’s always recommended that you simply earn them. But, we all understand it could be a hard task for any webmaster and sometimes if you know the proper trick, then it may be quite simple too.

The main factor is that each website like to have a lot of Backlinks at any given point of time. So, what do you do to achieve them?


If you would like to know from where to purchase backlinks, you can visit these websites and find the desired quantity of links for your niche sites.

In this article, we aren’t reaching to teach the way to purchase backlinks, we are simply giving the websites that you’ll be able to use to begin your link building process.


Benefits of Backlinks

The Backlinks hold high importance in the world of web. Mostly, people feel that Backlinks are the best source of gaining high search engine rankings, but that’s not the case all time.

Backlinks have advantages on the far side search engine result. although the Backlinks are referred one of the good ways that to achieve sensible results in the Google search, there are different benefits too, and a few of them are mentioned here.


With the assistance of quality Backlinks, you’ll be ready to get complete of yourself and moreover even branding authority will be gained too.

Relationship building, as well as promotion, also can be done through Backlinks with success too. If you are a professional blogger, you’ll be able to build backlinks with Scrapebox.


Top websites to buy quality Backlinks

These are the websites from which you can buy top quality, cheap and trusted backlinks for your website.



If you’re looking forward to purchase EDU backlinks, this can be the website you can use. EDU backlinks will boost your blog’s ranking very simply as they’re extremely trustworthy backlinks.

Make sure you choose the package carefully at the beginning. Once you begin seeing a number of your keyword moving in Google SERP, you can begin purchasing more links from this website and see a better ranking of your keywords.



This was the primary paid forum I joined in my blogging career. but this finished up as one of my best investments. I was spending loads of time on this forum to find the information and one day I started hiring people from this forum also.

People on this forum are extremely skilled people that know what they’re doing.


On this forum, you’ll get some extremely valuable backlinks services like backlinks from,, and lots of different big websites in the world.

Although the worth of such services could be higher than other link building services but obtaining backlinks from such a great brand is itself a win.



The ultimate destination for purchasing PBN backlinks.

These paid backlinks are of terribly top quality and low cost also. they have several backlinks for sale that you can use on either your own web site/blog or on a client’s website.

You can also filter these backlinks as white hat backlinks or blackhat backlinks. If you see at the left sidebar of the forum you’ll see both of these choices.

Apart from these, you’ll get links as comment links, web 2.0, article submission, directory submission etc.



This is a one-stop destination to get any work done in SEO or online promoting business. you can hire content writers, web site developer, link builders, domain flippers, and lots of different niche specialists who create your tasks easier with their experience.


You can hire some consultants to do comments in your niche, to make web 2.0 properties, profile backlinks, article submission, guest posting any too different services to rank your sites higher on Google.


5.Backlinks Hub

It boosts your search ranking with the Backlinks, and it does its job higher than others. there’s even 1-year guarantee of link replacement, doesn’t matter what you order.

Apart from that, you don’t need to worry regarding any black hat technique because the company ensures that ethical SEO practice is undertaken keeping in mind the Google Algorithms.

This is another Russian marketplace where you can purchase backlinks in any niche.

Install Google translate Chrome extension before using this website because most of the content on this web site is in the Russian language.

We have personally used this web site for a few of our small websites.

If you’re trying to rank for any event, this could be the website to purchase links for your niche sites. Backlinks bought on goes live as shortly as you purchase them.

You can filter the websites as per page authority, outbound links, backlinks, domain authority etc. that makes it easier to purchase the backlinks that are of terribly top quality.



It is considered to be one among the premiere most platforms for purchasing and selling of links. there’s this software system for link management, that helps in managing the sale of text link also because it purchases from a control panel that’s simple to work.

In fact, with the help of authority backlinks, you’ll be able to garner revenue from your website through the selling of text links advertising as a publisher. you’ll make use of this and enhance the performance of your website. monetisation of each and every page is made possible by them, but for that, a minimum page score is needed.

If your website is indexed by Google, then you’ll get the top begin, and then the page score will secure the monetisation facility.



oDesk is not a particular marketplace for backlinks, but you can hire freelancers to do the tasks you wish to. Compared to other sites, purchasing backlinks via them would be quite costly since you hire freelancers to do the work.

Make sure you order the freelancers who have a sensible number of reviews and a lot of a number of hours. worth per hour increases with quality. you can even have a look on their Portfolio before ordering.



You will get powerful Backlinks, which can earn you good search engine ranking.

With the help of this, you’ll also be ready to gain the advantage of social media also. Your website can reach a good Alexa Ranking, and there’ll be an enhancement in the number of visitors too. it’s not only for Backlinks; instead, it’ll also support your SEO needs also. There are many packages that you just can create use of depending on your demand.


They will come up with some smart government links, that are a good source to spice up your ranking. a close report is provided to make sure that you are receiving nothing but the most effective.

I wouldn’t suggest SEOClerks a lot, you may try Fiverr instead. SEOClerks marketplace doesn’t have a lot of have certified webmasters; anyone even with less knowledge can make a gig with a good looking description and can resell the service from another sites’ too.

And moreover, most of the gigs aren’t low cost also. If you don’t have the other alternative left, end up using this.

This is one of the most common sites to purchase quality Backlinks from. you can use your debit card or credit card to buy the Backlinks, and if you would like, then you can also use PayPal account.

Moreover, it’s also a very good website to sell the Backlinks and make money out of it. The ranking of is quite high, you can as good as guess that how well it can improve your ranking also.


12.The Five Dollar Links

If you’re searching for nothing but the best, then five dollar Links is the place to be in.

The links that you just can get from here are of highest quality, and they are fresh yet because the pages are full of a number of the most relevant topics that spiders would like to crawl over. there’s information that you will gather through this website aside from laying your hands on a number of the best quality Backlinks.


It will help you get your ranking high and the report provided by them includes all the traffic details and different stats that are crucial while you are running an internet site of your own.

Analyzing of the uptime and downtime is also made possible through this website, and you can simply access all this information in here.



It will help you receive many numbers of excellent Backlinks from quality publishers and high ranking pages. there’s no spam involved in this and neither do they entertain any bidding in here. you’ll get genuine Backlinks with none kind of search engine tricks. The websites from where you’ll get the Backlinks are genuine, and the content is also real.



This is one name that most of the people are aware of because it’s one huge marketplace where you’ll purchase your Backlinks and also different gigs for just $5.

Sounds cool. Right?

But you need to remember one thing, several gig sellers use automated tools to create which might be harmful also. So, the choice of the right gig is more necessary than buying. purchase only the gigs that possess high ratings and reviews and have been bought by several consumers. it’s not regarding the quantity you purchase, it depends on the quality of the gigs you buy.

Check thrice before you purchase. Disavowing unwanted links later would be a tedious process.


15.Black Hat Links

You can’t use them to purchase one or 2 links. They settle for orders only of bulk backlinks. you’ll get 50-200 backlinks, be it Comment or Wiki, all are Do-follow. They schedule the backlink creation for per week so the boost obtained from it’ll be maximum. Also, the sites from that they get links has low OBL, outbound links.

And the best part is, they assure you that the work is going to be delivered within an hour. you have not wait for days to get the results.


16.Buy High-Quality Backlinks

It guarantees you to take your Google SERP to a new height altogether because it provides PR1+ Backlinks to PR 5 – 7 Backlinks. along with the high-profile PR Backlinks, it’s also better-known to produce high authority, top quality backlinks too.

Apart from the standard Backlinks, it’ll also make available a number of the most effective link building ways which will help you loads.


17.Links Management

If you wish to go for paid backlinks on a low budget but you favor a top quality one, Link Management is the best one. you can purchase low-cost backlinks from sites with PR 1 to sites with PR 8. they provide permanent, static backlinks from content for as low as $1.

They quote that the links are placed manually. If you doubt their service, you’ll be able to read their case studies that possess several sites’ history that has managed to get sensible positions in Google with their service.


Note: you’ll get $50 credit in your account once you pay $100 with them. so you can double your link purchasing speed once you join LinksManagement.


Final Verdict

Well, that’s one large list to purchase links from. Remember, prevention is better than cure. simply because you’ve loads of money, don’t waste it in any of that marketplace.

Buy those only if it necessary, and if the gig appearance trusted. Disavowing/contacting them to get rid of links later and why waste time in those?

Just buy, what’s mandatory and sit back and watch your post rankings jump up in Google.

After you purchase the mandatory backlinks, check the backlinks with the backlink checking tools.

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